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Blood Tide (1982)

Red Tide


James Earl "Next year I can voice Vader for Return of the Jedi..." Jones is Frye
Jose "Don't hold Dune against me" Ferrer is Nereus
Lila Kedrova is Sister Anna
Mary Louise Weller is Sherry Grice
Martin "Can't always co-star in a Karate Kid movie" Kove is Neil Grice

What the box says:

A legendary sea monster is awakened from centuries of sleep on a Greek island by an American archeologist (James Earl Jones). An island elder (Jose Ferrer) is aware of the legend of the beast, including its appetite for virgin sacrifices.


A narrator extols hoow before the rise of civilizationvirgin sacrifices were used to placate monsters.

Now in the present day, Neil and his new wife, Sherry, have traveled to a Mediterranean islandto find Neil's sister, Madeline, who has disappeared for several months. Looking around, the villagers give them the eye of the "We don't want you on our island" vibe...

This movie is still better than the extended cut of Dune
Later, Neil finds Madeline with Frye. He is not sure why either of them are acting so strange from Madeline's spaciness or Frye's Shakespeare quoting while holding a knife at Neil's throat.

C'mon George Lucas, I've heard about a movie Return of the Jedi...

That night, Frye takes his boat out and dives to an underground cavern he's been exploring for months. He blows out a tunnel. This will be a important plot point...

Madeline has been having strange dreams of sacrifices.

Quit calling me Zeram!

At least, there's something that looks a bit more colorful than the usual scenes.
The next day, our characters, Neil, Sherry, Madeline, Frye, and Babs are out on the boat and hit something that cracks the boat's prop. Returning to the island, the villagers are upset because one of the local girls has disappeared while swimming.

Later, at the convent, Madeline has been uncovering a second layer to a icon painting and discovered that there's another layer to it, too. The head of the convent is terrified of what Madeline has found so far with Madeline getting more and more nutty.

Babs is hanging around the beach. Taking a dip in the sea, something gets het...

The characters are told that a shark got Babs. Later, Babs's and the other girl's bodies are found. The cemetary service begins but is delayed when Nereus, the village elder, has both girls buried with coins to pay the ferryman for across the River Styx.

This is not any kind of boating accident...

Later, Frye goes back to his diving and is angry when he finds some of his equipment has been disturbed. Neil heads down afterwards. Frye reveals that Madeline led him to the cave.

The village kids are playing around a cliff. Frye sees that a girl is thrown off the cliff and her mother jumps in to rescue her. Let the Ponit of View Monster attack... Frye is able to rescue the girl and sees the monster...

Pretty much any special effect would have a more intimidating monster than this one...

That night, Frye explains what's happened so far. Elsewhere, Madeline is still uncovering the final layer of the icon.

The villagers are starting some sort of ceremony because Frye has awakened the evil. Nereus explains how the virgin woman will sacrifice herself. Madeline runs off after uncovering the icon and is horribly distraught.

Frye heads to the convent and finds the painting.

Madeline dives to the hidden cave. Neil chases after her and finds Frye rigging an explosive charge to destroy the mosnter. Neil takes Madeline up before Frye blows up the cavern and destroys the creature.

The next day, Neil, Sherry, and Madeline leave the island as Nereus and his granddaughter watch them leave.

What I say:

Ah, the low budget 1980s horror monster movie. It has been quite a while since I've delved into that genre. Nowadays, the current version is the Scifff-fiffy debut of which actor who must need some money for a bill will be in a movie that is a either a Mega, Dino, Super, or some other same Action-Sounding-Adjective tacked to a ominous monsterous sounding animal like Shark, Gator, Croc, -Saurus, -Topus, etc...

It is hard to find such a small movie with a few actors that are so recognizable. After all, "I am you father...." is just so hard to not think of with James Earl Jones...Any movie that has Darth Vader's voice quoting Shakespeare does have some automatic recommendations. Martin Kove has to be more known for his "NO MERCY" or "Sweep the leg" in the Karate Kid movies or even on Death Race 2000. Jose Ferrer may have had the Empereor Shaddam Corrino IV in the 1980s Dune but was the defense attorney in the Caine Mutiny.

Even with small towns in other countries they all have the strange vibe about how anyone from away are the "strange outsiders". The small village on an island must contend with a monster that has been awakened. Well, the outsiders must do the contending mainly because most of them are responsible. James Earl Jones accidentally freed the monster from its tomb.

For being in the early 80s, you have to almost expect the typical Jaws feel. James Earl Jones may not be a hunter like Robert Shaw's Quint in Jaws but does give off that some sort of vibe. A few times throughout the movie sharks are mentioned as what was the cause...After all, "This was no boating accident."

A monster movie should typically have at least a monster in the movie. Guess, expecting that a movie with some sort of sea monster would have more of an appearance. Trying to use the POV monster to cut down on the monster can be impressive when used with quality. Unfortunately, that idea wasn't learned on this movie. This movie made less appearance than whatever the thing in Cloverfield did in it's movie so don't expect much a monster. The old jungle movies with the guy in the gorilla suit had a higher creature budget than something that looks like the 50 cent eraser of a monster that would be on the top of a pencil.


Quotable Dialogue

"That's a very dumb thing to do to a cat, you know."
"So little brother's gotten married..."
"I hear the nuns really love it."
"Good luck to you, Mr. Jack Daniels..."
"You get me a melon."

Morals of the Story

Children love to throw black cats at Americans.
James Earl Jones always sounds ominous.
High explosives and liquor is a good underwater combination.

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