Which Fossil Watches for You?

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Fossil watches for men are one of the most sought after additions to most guys’ wardrobes. And there’s a reason for that – they’re stylish, and they last. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best selling fossil watches for men so that you can make an educated choice as to which to buy based on looks, quality, and longevity.

FS4487 Black Silicone

The FS4487 is a popular watch for a variety of reasons. It’s a quality timepiece that offers extremely accurate timekeeping, and it’s stylish and durable. It’s a black watch with a rugged rim, silver hour markings and hands, a chronograph, and a black silicone strap that’s comfortable and durable. Of all the Fossil watches for men out there, this one is probably amongst the best in terms of all around quality, aesthetics, and durability for the price. It’s a great watch that’s sure to please, so check it out.

FS4545 Black Leather Strap

The FS4545 is an eye-catcher amongst Fossil watches for men. It’s not only inexpensive for a watch in its class – it’s also gorgeous. It features a gold and bronze rim around a silver one framing the timekeeping area. The hour markings and hands are gold, and the watch features a chronograph for added timekeeping efficiency and versatility. The leather strap allows you to be all at once comfortable and secure when wearing the watch, so there’s no problem whatsoever with using it on a daily basis in any variety of contexts – you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it.

CH2600 Stainless Steel

For those looking for a more traditional flair, the CH2600 is one of the Fossil watches for men that should catch your eye. The timekeeping area is black with white hands and hour markings, and the watch features a chronograph and metal strap that make it feel heavy on the wrist and help it last longer than most other watches in its price range. There’s a reason this is one of the best-selling watches out there!

FS4159 Black Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

The FS4159 is an altogether awesome piece of work. It’s durable, heavy, and features a classy, unique rectangular design that make it perfect for wearing with formal outfits, or semiformal outfit – it even seems to be able to upgrade informal wear to at least a business-casual status! The 4159 is one of the more popular Fossil watches for men, and it’s easy to see why. For anyone interested in a standout dress watch, the FS4159 is the way to go.

FS4542 Stainless Steel Black

The FS4542 is actually a steel-colored watch, but it has a black dial. The hands and hour markings are both silver, and the strap is steel, as are the rim and buttons. The FS4542 is a great watch that complements just about any getup, an as such, deserves real attention from anyone desiring an aesthetically pleasing and durable watch should certainly think about the FS4542.

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