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Welcome to Side Order of Ninjas, the only source of 175% of the daily required ninjalisciousness, Power of Sonny Chiba compels you to my site. As Criswell has said "The guilty must be punished and the innocent must be rewarded." We're going to try to leave the more commonly reviewed movies alone for some that have escaped (fortunately or unfortunately) the viewing public... I'll have a new review up each Wednesday provided flood, famine, or family don't strike. This site was established as of February 23, 2003... And Hardcore Legend of Ninjaball says the site is a bit spiffier, too...if I do say so myself...

News for 4-9-2014

I really appreciate those that have inadvertently stumbled across my site. Of course, I have to thank the truly ninjaliscious Ten of Fans who has wasted at least 5 minutes of their life on reading my reviews. After, you've sated your ninjalicious self here, be sure to check out the April edition of Rogue Cinema.

Since this is labor of ninjalisciousness, I appreciate any comments that decrease its craptacularity and anything that proclaims my greatness. It's always good to hear from any of my Ten of fans. If you wish to shower the Hardcore Legend of Ninjaball (an inside joke that possibly 3 people in the world may get) with accolades and perhaps screener DVDs. Who am I to disagree? Note, I have never been socially relevant and don't intend to start now.

The past few months, I've been close to falling off the grid as any ranting B-movie reviewer can be and still be online. I actually am trying to bet back into the groove... Yes, hopefully, the forces of darkness are no longer against me any more. Let us dive into the late 1990s of direct to video sequels that are required to have Stephen King's name for more literary fame with Children of the Corn V: Field of Terror. Take a mystery with a dash of the haunted house/murder mansion sub-genre and you get the typical early 1970s horror breath of the Legacy of Blood.

Children of the Corn V: Field of Terror

Legacy of Blood
Spare Parts

Ever see Cthulhu and Sauron at the same place at the same time?
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